Get Any gravy free on the order of Rs. 500 and above!

Get Any gravy free on the order of Rs. 500 and above!

Are you craving some exotic non-veg?

Take your pick from this wide range of tempting dishes with a perfect blend of spices and fresh meat to give that authentic taste to every bite. Get your favorite restaurant-style dish cooked at home ready in minutes...simply cook the marinated meat till it is golden brown or as per your taste - just the way you like it.

It is as effortless as opening the pack and following the recipe!

Welcome to our exclusive offer for our valued customers! We are pleased to offer you a complimentary ready-to-cook Indian gravy on your order of 500 rupees or more.

Indian cuisine is renowned for its unique blend of spices and flavors that create a tantalizing experience for your taste buds. Our ready-to-cook Indian gravy (veg & non-veg)  is no exception, with authentic ingredients and traditional recipes passed down through generations of expert chefs.

Whether you prefer a creamy and mild gravy or a spicy and tangy one, we have a range of options to suit your taste preferences. From classic butter chicken to flavorful paneer makhani, our gravies are made with fresh ingredients and are ready to cook in just a few simple steps.

This offer is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible dining experience. We believe that food should be delicious, nutritious, and easy to prepare, and our ready-to-cook Indian gravies deliver on all three fronts.

So, place your order now and treat yourself to the taste of India from the comfort of your own home, with our complimentary ready-to-cook Indian gravy.

Listed below are some bestsellers

1. Chettinad Gravy Combo - Buy Here

Chicken Chettinad or Chicken Chettinad is a classic Indian recipe, from the cuisine of Chettinad, Tamil Nadu. It consists of chicken marinated in yogurt, turmeric, and a paste of red chillies, kalpasi, coconut, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, ground walnuts, onion, garlic, and gingelly oil. It is served hot and garnished with coriander leaves, accompanied with boiled rice or paratha.

Chettinad curry is made using loads of spices such as red chillies and kalpasi alongside coconut, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, black pepper, onions, ginger, garlic and gingerly oil, making it a hot delight!

Pair this gravy with recommended fresh meats.

2. Spicy Andhra Masala Gravy Combo- Buy Here

Andhra Pradesh produces mouth-watering food items, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone considering the exquisite spices used in their cooking. Andhra Style Chicken Curry (Kodi Kura) is a spicy and flavorful chicken curry from the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in India. This curry gets its unique flavor from the freshly roasted spice mix.  Recreate the magic of those flavors in your own kitchen by trying our Spicy Andhra Masala gravy.

3. Salli Gravy Combo - Buy Here

Chicken Salli is a Parsi delicacy and the word "salli" refers to the potato stick. The dish goes by different names, apart from the common Chicken Salli. Jardaloo Salli Marghi ("Jordaloo" means apricot, "Salli" is potato sticks and "Marghi" means chicken, Murgh Salli, Salli Boti (here "Boti" refers to red meat), are some of the names I know .

The recipe calls for chicken or red meat that is cooked with aromatic spices, dried apricots, and then topped with French fries.

Salli boti is a parsi dish in which red hot mutton is cooked to perfection amid sizzling hot spices, crowned with beautiful golden potato shreds. Serve with mint chutney, onion rings and hot chapati/naan/paratha.

4. Rogan Josh Gray Combo - Buy Here

Dum Gosht and Rogan Josh are arguably the greatest mutton dishes ever made. Imagine the goodness and richness of both in one single curry! Boy, do we have great news for you - we've just turned this mere manifestation into reality!

5. Nihari Gravy Combo - Buy Here

Traditionally Nihari was cooked all night and then served to the Mughal Kings of Delhi for breakfast after the morning prayers. From the royal kitchens of the Mughals, the dish has now crossed all borders of region, religion, and course. However, since it takes a long time, almost 5 hours, to cook Nihari, it is mostly reserved for special occasions like Eid dinners and other festivities.

6. Lal Mass Gravy Combo- Buy Here

Laal Maas is a very popular non-veg recipe in Rajasthan. It is a fiery meat curry which is made with the combination of Kashmiri red chillies and other popular spices from Rajasthan. It is made in many ways but the authentic one is made with the use of dry red chillies. Serve Rajasthani Laal Maas with hot Phulkas, steamed rice or Baati. It is usually made during special occasions and festivals in Rajasthan.

7. Dhaba Style Gravy Combo- Buy Here

The dhabas of Punjab are very renowned pan India, and relatively well-known around the globe as well. Recreate the feeling of eating in one by cooking meat in our Punjabi Dhaba style curry.

Dhabas, for the uninitiated, are roadside restaurants scattered all over the country, and their food is unique. Hell, the experience is unique and is one you must have. Small mud shacks, with only chaarpai's (rope and wooden cots) and a wooden plank for a table, you'll find them as you drive along the highway.

8. Homestyle Curry- Buy Here

Turn any place into an authentic Delhi household instantly by cooking our fresh meat in this Delhiwala Homestyle Curry. If there ever was a term to describe a Delhi home, it would be “good chaotic”, and we're all for it!

9. Korma Gravy Combo- Buy Here

Korma is a cherished South Asian dish with Mughlai origins. The word ‘korma‘ (or qorma) means ‘to braise’, or pan-sear. In the Pakistani and North Indian way of preparation, chicken is sautéed in ghee/oil and whole spices before a blend of yogurt and fried onions is added to produce a rich curry.

10. Kadhai Gravy- Buy Here

Originating from Pakistan, the Lahori Kadhai gravy is a scrumptious composition of herbs and spices. While it’s most commonly used to cook mutton, Lahori chicken has turned into a worthy counterpart over the years.

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