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Kolhapuri Chatka with Chicken Curry Cut

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If you are craving some hot and flavourful chicken, it is time to order this ultimate combo of Kolhapuri chatka gravy and chicken curry cut.
The gravy is infused with the bold & flavorful spices of the Kolhapur region of Maharashtra.
The beauty of this gravy is that it pairs with any meat of your choice. If you are a chicken lover, chicken curry cut is the go to option. Cook these specially cut pieces to be tender and juicy. Add these to your gravy to get the most delicious Kolhapuri Chatka chicken!

Gravy Weight: 300g

Meat Weight: 250g

Total Weight (grams): 550g

What Comes In The Box

With every purchase, you get a 250g fresh meat.

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Cooking Instructions

Please heat and serve!


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